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If you are a sports lover and into sports betting in America, you must have come across DraftKings. And if you use DraftKings regularly, you must have had location issues where DraftKings could not locate you. That is why you are here, searching for a detailed answer to this issue. Hopefully, you will be able to get your required info after going through this article.

One of the critical reasons behind location issues is ‘Geofencing.’ Geofencing or Geolocation acts as a barrier to prevent you from betting in any unauthorized state. This issue usually occurs if a user creates an account in a state where betting is legal and then travels to another state where betting might be illegal.

You have to allow DraftKings permission to access your location to run it smoothly. In this article, I will talk about all the problems that cause DraftKings not to function correctly. I will also talk about the potential ways to fix this issue.

So, if you are wondering why DraftKings can’t find my location, make sure to read the article entirely to obtain a detailed answer.

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DraftKings Can’t Find My Location [How To Fix] | Welcome (1)

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DraftKings Can’t Find My Location [How To Fix] | Welcome (2)

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Problems And Fixes To The Location Issues Of DraftKings

Usually, DraftKings sends you a notification about not finding your location if it can’t access your location or if geolocation interferes. There are some simple fixes to the issues. These fixes include turning on location and using the app in legalized betting states. If DraftKings’ location issues continue, then consider reinstalling your app or restarting your device.

Issues Due To Weak Network Geolocation

There can be some issues where DraftKings might be unable to access your location. Network issues or Geolocation issues can cause these problems.

It is possible that the App location feature might not work correctly if your network is weak. This is because the location feature is solely dependent on the network. As a result, it might be hard to access DraftKings Sportsbook or Casino.

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Furthermore, if you travel to a remote area where geolocation might be challenging to access, location problems might also arise. Even though the state might be a proper place for betting, you cannot access the features due to this geolocation interference.

Even after that, if the problem persists, make sure to check if you are in a legalized place of betting. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the features. Furthermore, you can try reinstalling and logging in again if the problem still goes on. Hopefully, this will solve the issue.

Turning On Your Location From Mobile & Browsers

To not face any location error notifications from DraftKings, you have to make sure that the location on your device is configured. However, for devices with different OS, the configurations are different.

Sharing Location From Safari Browser

Safari browsers make it much easier to enable location services. Firstly, you have to visit their website. Then, a popup will appear on your screen with two options, Allow and Do not Allow. Be sure to click on the Allow option for DraftKings to access your current location. Otherwise, you will not be able to use their services.

But if there were no popup options to choose from, or by mistake you clicked on Do not Allow; you have to follow some specific steps to rectify the issue.

  • Navigate to the menu of your Safari browser. Click on the ‘Preferences’ option.
  • Then, toggle to the Website Option and click on the Location Tab.
  • An option will appear to allow DraftKings to access your location. Choose the link and click on Allow for the app to access your current location.

Sharing Location From App On iPhone

If you own an iPhone device, then you can easily download the DraftKings app. For the DraftKings app to function correctly, make sure that your iOS software has the latest upgrade. Otherwise, there might be issues arising. Also, make sure that your internet connection is good to run the app.

It is much easier to allow location services if you are using an app. Furthermore, you can set an option for DraftKings only to access your location while using the app. This ensures that DraftKings will have no access to your location when you are not using it.

Firstly, navigate to Settings, then click on Privacy. There you will see an option for Location Services. You will also find the DraftKings Sportsbook App. Just make sure to set it according to your needs, either on ‘Always’ or ‘When You Run the App.’

Sharing Location From Android App

The DraftKings app is also available in the Play Store. As a result, all Android users can easily install it on their devices. So, if you are an Android user, there are some steps that you should follow to ensure that no location issues arise while running the app.

  • Firstly, you have to select settings. Then you have to select location services. After selecting location services, allow location sharing on your device. Then turn on Location.
  • Go to the option of App permissions. Here, you will see DraftKings, among other apps. Select that and set it on only when you are on the app.

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DraftKings Can’t Find My Location [How To Fix] | Welcome (3)
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Sharing Location From Default Android Browser

The default browser is comparatively slower compared to other android browsers. So, it isn’t the best option to run DraftKings. However, if location problems arise once the website loads, you can take the following steps to fix them. You must follow the exact first step if you share your location from your android app.

The second step is opening DraftKings’ main website on your browser. You will get a popup about whether you want to Allow or Not Allow the website to access your location. Be sure to click Allow. If the popup isn’t visible or you click Not Allow or Block by mistake, you must complete the following steps.

  • First, you have to delete your saved browsing data. For this, go to settings, then select the ‘Privacy and Security option. You will find the option to delete saved browser data there.
  • Then select Location Access Data from there and delete it. Also, delete cookies. Then go back to the main webpage by opening a new window/tab.

Sharing Location From Mozilla Firefox Or Google Chrome

To enable location access from Firefox and Chrome, you have to follow similar steps to the default browser on Android. However, there are a few alterations. These are different in the last stages for each browser.

For Mozilla Firefox, if you try to enter the main website of DraftKings and cannot access it due to a wrong click in the popup, you have to go to Settings and click Site Permissions. Then select Allow Permission for DraftKings on Firefox and refresh your main web page to run it.

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If your location access using Google Chrome is denied, you can turn on Location Sharing by navigating to Site Permissions in Settings. Then you have to click on the ‘Blocked’ option. You will find the DraftKings website link there. Please remove it from the Blocked option by simply allowing Location access. Then refresh the main website page on your running tab.


The location issue is quite common among the users of DraftKings. This article explains all the probable causes of DraftKings not working correctly.

So, if you were wondering why DraftKings can’t find my location, hopefully, you have understood it by now after going through the article. Thank you for stopping by!


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